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It shouldn’t be this complicated to try and live a healthier life. But unfortunately, busy schedules, stress, or medical bills prevent many people from taking better care of themselves. That’s exactly why some illnesses can strike seemingly out of nowhere. However, there is an easy way to keep track of your health without sacrificing most of your day or booking visits to the doctor. By using blood pressure measuring devices, you can check for any irregularities in your heart and bloodstream and seek help before the issue ever gets out of hand.

What makes BP MeasureX so special?

While other devices are expensive or complicated to operate, BP MeasureX can be used even by those who never measured their blood pressure before. This device will come in handy for absolutely everyone from young and active people to seniors with pre-existing conditions. All you’d need to do is put on the cuff, not too loose, not too tight, press start, and a large LCD screen will soon show your readings and mark them in a scale provided (red for bad, yellow for average, green for good). So not only will you have no trouble using it, but you’ll also know if your measurements are a cause of concern or not. 

Main features:

  • Accurate measurements: nothing is perfect, but BP MeasureX gets as close to it as possible. If done according to guidelines, your results will be clinically precise.
  • Very easy to use: simple one-button operation with clear instructions on how to perform the measurements yourself.
  • Large LCD screen: no confusion there at all – with BP MeasureX, your results will be displayed clear as day.
  • Data recordings: with a one-button operation, set the correct time and date, and up to 90 recordings per person will be automatically saved to show you, and your doctor, an overview of your general well-being.
  • Two people memory settings: BP MeasureX will save yours, and one more person’s readings separate, so this device is a perfect alternative for a couple.
  • Travel-friendly: thanks to it being powered by batteries, as well as compact size and light weight, you’ll be able to take your device anywhere with you.
  • Auto shutdown: to save batteries, BP MeasureX will automatically shut itself off after prolonged inactivity. All without losing valuable data!
  • Affordable: blood pressure and pulse monitoring device for such a price? You got that right! This device is not overpriced nor sacrifices quality for affordability.
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