WIFI DuoBoost
WIFI DuoBoost

WIFI DuoBoost

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Are you dealing with slow and weak internet connection? That could be a truly frustrating experience. Although it seems like insignificant problem, endless loading, buffering, annoying interruptions while making video calls or playing games might sometimes really ruin your day… Now it’s time to put an end to it!

Wifi DuoBoost is compact in size but mighty at work. There are usually multiple devices that are using WiFi under the same roof – even this is no longer a problem with this genius device. The best thing about Wifi DuoBoost is that you don’t need any special knowledge or extra equipment to make it work – it connects and works together with your existing router after simply plugging it into the wall outlet.  Your WiFi speed and coverage improves instantly across the entire house and you don’t even have to pay more to your internet provider!

What benefits come with Wifi DuoBoost?

  • Faster, stronger, more reliable internet connection at any corner of your house without paying extra to your internet provider
  • Easy installation
  • Eliminated “dead zones” around your house or workplace
  • Universal compatibility
  • Improved download and upload speeds
  • Low cost

Wifi DuoBoost Characteristics: 

  • Supports WPS: Yes
  • Function: VPN
  • Supports WDS: Yes
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate: 300 Mbps
  • Standards And Protocols: Wi-Fi 802.11n; Wi-Fi 802.11g;  Wi-Fi 802.11b
  • WAN Ports: 1 x10/100Mbps;
  • Number of USB Interfaces: None
  • Size: 75X90mm
  • Plug options: AU; EU; US; UK. 
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